• Elite SD Astute exports amazing Collections of natural and engineered stones around the Globe. We offer the most trustworthy platform for Importers.

  • These include Granites, Marbles, Quartz, Sandstone, Quartzite, Semi Precious Stones, and Limestone . The ‘right stone’ for your project has to meet necessities supported by look and performance. Choosing the appropriate flooring, for instance, is first of all a matter of personal taste.

  • One among the appealing aspects of using stone is however its distinctive character is often accustomed to show your own distinctive personality. The variety of colours, textures and finishes obtainable in stone currently rivals the variety out there in more ‘traditional’ floor coverings. Like these coverings, selecting a stone that’s sturdy and immune to staining and wear is very important.

  • Natural stones are a product of nature and therefore variation in thickness, dimension sizes, tones and colour is inherent over and above the specifications and samples. We have a rigorous quality control system and we take great care in checking the material prior to dispatch from the quarries, however being a natural product there could be minor variations in dimensions and thickness.