This model would define future scenarios of the market ,as we are transitioning from traditional to digital markets we are finding a solution for our clients. We are looking forward to providing transparency. Where we would be looking around Indian stone market which will save time, resources and money so it can be added in your budget. And you can focus on your primary goals. To make it a prospect model for clients we are trying to optimize the supply chain wherein starting from the initial point of offering all kinds of stone from one platform with the best prices in the market through our association with the manufactures of India.

Our motto is “It is all about the relations we build with our customers and our stones”. We do not only believe in supplying natural stones to our customers but we believe in providing stones with solutions. We are aiming at providing an innovative and flexible approach to the supply of natural stone products.

Elite SD Astute brings collections of acutely perceptive natural stones to your access. We have created an ideal forum for buyers from across the globe to interact and conduct the business smoothly, securely and effectively from the Indian Stone Market. We deal with bulk imports of stones from India completely hassle-free. With us being your go-to-destination, we've control over quality inspection, price negotiation, shipping, logistics, payments etc, hence you can source Indian stones directly from the recognized manufacturers.

We apprehend the need to ensure an impeccable, reliable and cost effective importing from the Indian market. We have the analytics and the insight from the industry and have skilled officers to offer you the best services and exports. Elite SD Astute offers its members to access professional marketing services to help them grow their businesses while saving time and money efficiently from their respective countries.

Each member of staff is passionate about their role at Elite SD Astute, whether this be chatting to the customer about their requirements, hand-crafting a bespoke work surface or meticulously fitting the finished product.We have an outstanding operation team with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Every stage is carried out with the greatest care and commitment.

Our vision of investing significantly in building up a team and network to work for the companies and firms to build a systematic control, trust and stability in the Indian market." Not just that, our niche lies in delivering tailored business intelligence that is exclusive for the specific client " ELITE SD Astute would use its resources to lift this burden off your shoulder. We work on your behalf, so you eliminate the need for recurring costs.

Our mission is to consistently provide superior services and quality products across the globe.

Your smart office to manage your import operations from India.

Our professional sources offers you the perfect Design, Style, Quotation and create a finished look you’ll love.

Our bedrock foundation is our team of experts of 25+ years of experience in the Stone Industry.